Who we are

We believe in the empowered customer and frictionless customer experiences.

Our experience with Oracle Cloud platforms ensures that integration and scalability is at the heart of our design and deployment ethos, while our project framework allows flexibility and agility to move quickly as markets demand in a modern digital first world.

Ideqa has a proven track record of working with large organisations as they transform to a multi-channel digital experience.

We know that through the introduction of customer-centric Self Service and Automated service models we can deliver operational efficiencies while also empowering customers.

We are an Oracle Partner and Cloud Excellence Implementer.

What we do

Broad Range of Oracle Cloud Platforms


Our Approach

Each Oracle Cloud Customer Experience (CX) project Ideqa Limited (Ideqa) undertakes is the start, or continuation, of an important, enduring, and rewarding partnership with our customers.  Our Professional Services team gets to know our customers, learns their unique business requirements, and understands their distinct organizational culture. Because our implementation methodology reflects a joint team approach, we empower our customers to be proficient in the use of our solutions. Together, we determine and manage CX roadmaps that minimize risk and ensure success.


From Plan to Results quickly

Ideqa understands that not all projects are created equal. Through our extensive experience with many projects, and refinement over time, the Ideqa Oracle CX Cloud Project Methodology (OCXPM) provides a balance of guidance and flexibility. OCXPM provides an overarching methodology for implementing any Oracle CX Cloud * SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, or service, regardless of size or complexity, and activities are tailored to specific project needs. Our goal is to be as thorough as possible, while achieving collaboration, speed effectiveness, and overachievement.

*Saas (Software as a Service), PaaS (Platform as a Service), IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service)


Project Management

Project Management activities guide and support (rather than dominate) our implementation approach. The customer’s Ideqa Oracle CX Cloud Project Manager will support the project by using standard tools and proven techniques to keep the project on time and on budget. Some of these techniques and tools consist of the following: Project Plan, regular status calls and reports, issue logs, and change control forms.

We do not ascribe to a defined Agile or Waterfall methodology, rather, we use proven techniques and tools, together with over 100 years of collective CX experience, to provide a customer-specific project framework that works best for each customer, delivering maximum business value.



Let our team of experts become an extension of your team.

Managed Services is a model that allows you to concentrate on your core business knowing that the Ideqa team is there to support you through not only the implementation of new projects but also the day to day administration and product support. Our team recognises that CX is a journey. We’re committed to being your partner for the long haul and supporting you every step of the way.


Our Solutions

Ideqa offer a range CX technologies which can be tailored to your industry needs

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