The way the web should work.

We all know how it feels when an organisation’s service makes life easy and pleasing for us. Get the web working the way it should for you and your customers with Ideqa. We’ll help you win and keep customers, increase efficiency and reduce costs.


CX is all we do.

Ideqa works with our partners to deliver the world’s leading online CX solutions. All of our experience and expertise goes toward helping you improve your online interactions. We have custom-designed and implemented solutions for Australasian businesses in a wide range of industries, including telcos, utilities, education, banking and insurance.

In for the long haul.

Our team recognises that CX is a journey. We’re committed to being your partner for the long haul and supporting you every step of the way. Because we are a subsidiary of Sandfield Information Systems you can tap into some of the best IT expertise in Australasia.