Deliver exceptional service in real-time.

Your customers need assistance to make a purchase. They’d prefer to engage with you online* but are forced to call your contact centre, increasing their frustration and your costs.

*Leggett, Kate – “Navigate the future of customer service” – Forrester, Jan 30, 2012

ChatCX is an optional add-on to WebCX that provides real-time chat capability between the agent and customer as well as agent-to-agent. ChatCX helps you deliver exceptional service, grow brand loyalty and increase revenue.

ChatCX leverages the WebCX knowledge base, allowing customers to search for answers while waiting for an agent, and allowing agents to search for answers and push those answers to the customer. Chat invitations can be proactively initiated based on built-in rules, such as length of time a customer has spent on a web page, chat agent availability and estimated wait time.

The solution provides interactive customer support across multiple devices including smartphones and tablets.

ChatCX will:
  • Allow agents to handle multiple chats at once, improving efficiency.
  • Enable file attachments within the chat to provide additional information to increase first contact resolution.
  • Facilitate both agent-to-customer and agent-to-agent chats.
  • Support all device types – desktop, tablet, smartphone.
  • Provide in-built support for SLAs and extensive reporting capabilities.
  • Provide peace of mind: ChatCX is powered by Oracle Service Cloud and hosted in the Sydney Data Centre.
3 Weeks and 3 Easy Steps to Exceptional, Real-Time Service