Turn disruptive emails into positive interactions.

Your contact centre is disrupted by a high volume of email messages that relate to information already available on your website.
EmailCX is an optional add-on to WebCX that replaces your website contact form. It profoundly reduces your volume of disruptive emails by providing answers to common questions. The web form can request relevant information based on the enquiry type – for example, providing an account number – increasing first contact resolution.

Questions which are already answered in the WebCX knowledge base are automatically presented to your customers, improving customer experience and reducing the number of emails to be handled by your contact centre.

EmailCX will:
  • Provide automatic responses to generic questions, improving customer experience.
  • Provide agents with standard response templates and access to the intelligent knowledge base.
  • Reduce contact centre costs, boost productivity and increase first contact resolution.
  • Support all device types – desktop, tablet, smartphone.
  • Provide peace of mind: EmailCX is powered by Oracle Service Cloud and hosted in the Sydney Data Centre.
3 Weeks and 3 Easy Steps to Effective Management of Emails