Oracle Sales Cloud

Today’s empowered customer has access to more information, can engage with multiple sales channels, interacts with multiple devices, and shares experiences
using social media. Recognizing the impact of today’s empowered customer is key to sustaining and growing your business. To help your business thrive in
today’s modern sales environment, Oracle offers a complete suite of Customer Experience applications

Sales Force Automation

  • Engage Customers and Compete

    Maximize sales with a tightly integrated, complete set of lead-to-contract sales tools.

  • Close and Win Deals

    Enable sales teams with mobile apps, a complete customer 360, and sales team collaboration.

  • Expand and Predict Sales

    Cross-sell and up-sell using white space analysis and product recommendations.

Unified Sales and Service

  • Track and Manage

    Enable sales and service teams to capture, manage, and share service issues using Oracle Engagement Cloud.

  • Provide Answers

    Empower sales and service reps with access to knowledge content within the context of the service request.

  • Service Request Analytics

    Gain real-time insight into service performance using prebuilt reports and custom reporting options.

Sales Performance Management

  • Plan and Optimize

    Align territories, quotas, and incentive plans to the business strategy.

  • Motivate and Reward

    Use games, performance tactics, and rewards to promote targeted behaviors.

  • Coach and Train

    Identify successful selling techniques and offer in-context coaching.

Partner Relationship Management

  • Recruit and On-Board

    Accelerate channel sales using a fully-branded partner portal, self-service registration, and automated assignment.

  • Engage and Plan

    Use channel program management, business planning, market development funds, and social collaboration to engage with partners.

  • Deliver and Track

    Achieve sales results with partners and track results throughout the sales cycle.

Customer Data Management

  • Consolidate and Cleanse

    Build a clean and correct master profile from multiple sources that everyone can trust.

  • Complete and Enrich

    Build a better record by enriching your customer profile with data from a variety of sources.

  • Coordinate and Share

    Share complete and accurate data with other systems for faster decision making.

Unified CX Platform

  • Data Driven

    Engage effectively with clean, complete customer data and data visualization capabilities.

  • Tailored

    Configure and extend Oracle’s CX Suite for your organization.

  • Connected

    Connect with any 1st or 3rd party application.

  • Secure

    Protect your brand with Oracle’s end-to-end security and reliability.

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