Our Services

Inspire devotion to your brand.

Each and every time a prospective or actual customer interacts with your company online you have the power to either captivate or frustrate.

Ideqa offers a range of services that help you eliminate customer frustration and increase brand devotion.

Implementation Services

Ideqa provides technical expertise and best practice guidance to help quickly and efficiently implement, migrate and uprgade your technology. Ideqa implementation services help reduce risk and accelerate adoption of your solution.

Managed Services

Let our team of experts become an extension of your team. We have options from a fully managed service including licencing to outsourced administration, upgrade assistance, reporting and training.

Best Practice Consulting

Our consultants are customer experience experts. Whether you are beginning your CX journey or just looking for assistance with a specific area, our team can help you.

CX Readiness Assessment

How does your company stack up? We will work with you to identify your current ‘Readiness’ and provide a report outlining current status and areas for improvement.

Human Centered Design

In order to not only support but exceed our customers needs, you need to really understand your customers, their beliefs and motivations. Our Human Centred Design approach ends with new solutions tailored to suit their needs.

Maturity Assessment

Taking into account your business strategy, the technology at your disposal, current trends and best practices, we make a raft of recommendations to help you maximise your current resource and prepare for the future.

CX Tune-Up

We delve into your knowledge base to expose the gaps in knowledge, which, when filled, will result in the biggest reductions in email and call centre traffic.

CX Training

Whether you have a new team member starting or just want to get the most out of your system, we will deliver a customised training package to meet your needs.

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