Policy Automation

Policies – whether in the form of company policies regulations, or laws – are on the rise around the world. As a results, it’s getting tougher and tougher to manage these policies and ensure they are adhered to consistently across the organization and in customer interactions. Often policies are read from manual or hard-coded in legacy systems, and existing IT systems lack the agility to change quickly.

Oracle Service Cloud Policy Automation enables organizations in all industries to achieve greater business agility through the automation of the service policies, processes and regulations to provide superior customer experiences

  • Be Transparent with Customers While Reducing Costs

    If customers don’t understand the reasons for your decisions, they are likely to get frustrated and leave

  • Dynamic Interviews

    Deliver precise advice tailored for each customer. Provide consistent cross-channel experiences

  • Compliance Management

    Prove adherence to latest regulations and policies.

  • Rule Modeling

    Capture policies accurately and transparently. Empower business users to design, create and deploy

  • Policy Lifecycle

    Collaborate to update, test, and deploy policies. Respond to policy changes in days instead months

  • Policy Analytics

    Assess the real-world impact of existing and new policies. Understand the impact of new or changed policies with “what-if” analysis

  • Determination Services

    Share logic across any channels, processes, and devices.

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