Help your customers help themselves online.

Customers expect good service. Research* shows that 72% of customers prefer to use a company’s website to answer their questions, but only 52% of them can find the information they need. Customers who cannot find the information they need will contact you via a more expensive channel, or give up and go elsewhere.

*Leggett, Kate – “Navigate the future of customer service” – Forrester, Jan 30, 2012

Ragsdale, John – “The state of unassisted support 2012” – TIA Technology Insight, July 1, 2012

WebCX provides the means for customers to research and purchase products, or resolve issues from any device. You will simultaneously increase conversions and lower service costs.

Empower your customers with smarter searches and answers to their most common questions, while reducing call centre workloads and costs.  A decade’s experience has demonstrated that users of WebCX typically benefit from a reduction in calls of up to 30%.

No need to rebuild your site.
WebCX doesn’t require a site ‘rip-and-replace’, just a few lines of code added to your existing web pages. The team at Ideqa will take care of configuration, assist you with populating your FAQs, and provide full training.
WebCX will:
  • Improve customer experience by providing immediate assistance through online customer service.
  • Provide reports to identify knowledge gaps.
  • Increase agent productivity and first contact resolution.
  • Reduce contact centre costs.
  • Work with all common content management systems.
  • Support all device types – desktop, tablet, smartphone.
  • Provide peace of mind: WebCX is powered by Oracle Service Cloud and hosted in the Sydney Data Centre.
3 Simple Steps to Empower your Customers
Take your CX to an even higher plane.
These two powerful complementary solutions broaden your CX solution, supplying more happy customers and greater cost benefits.

Provides answers to common questions automatically, improving customer experience and reducing the number of emails to your contact centre.


Delivers exceptional customer service through real-time online chat between your customers and your support agents.